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All Purpose Cleaner
Glass & Window Cleaner
Heavy Duty Degreaser
Neutral Cleaner
Floor Conditioner-Neutralizer
Bowl Shot Toilet Cleaner
Porto-San Holding Tank Deodorant
Pot and Pan

Carpet & Stain Remover
Quaternary Ammonium Cleaner



Multi Surface Cleaner
Heavy Duty Citrus Cleaner
Glass & Window Cleaner
Foaming Stainless































Manufactured by
National Bio+Green Sciences



Industrial and Institutional ( I & I )

No other Bio-Degradable, Zero waste cleaner comes close to matching our combination of serious cleaning ability and the green benefits of Lesspak Industrial and Institutional Cleaners.

Here are some of LessPak's great features and benefits:

  • Each Pellet makes sixteen 32 oz bottles of Professional Strength cleaners
  • Reduce shipping and discarding of Plastic bottles
  • Environmental Protection Agency's DfE Certification on All Purpose, Neutral, Floor Conditioner, Toilet Bowl Cleaners


                   Yukon Gold                                  Pine Point
           All Purpose Cleaner                    Neutral Cleaner 




                    Echo Bay                                     Terra Pass
          Bowl Shot toilet Cleaner-               Floor Conditioner-
                   Deodorizer                              Neutralizer-Cleaner

                                                       Recognized For
                                                                                  Safer Chemistry

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                   Arctic Blue                                  Tundra Clean
     Glass & Window Cleaner              Heavy Duty Degreaser





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Heavy Duty Citrus















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